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Ecommerce Web Design

Today it is very easy to get an Online Store or virtual store to sell your products and receive payments securely by deposit or credit card.  Offer on your site an extension of your sales channel through a website with shopping cart (Ecommerce).

To do so, it requires a web platform that allows you to offer your products with description, price and image. It also has the ability to enter customer data in a database and get the shipping data, as well as the online payment tool.  Accept credit card payments, we have the experience to put your product store online. 🙂

 Advantages of our online store platform

  • Secure – Our Ecommerce cms offer a very secure sales platform.
  • Flexible – we create a customized design.
  • Personalization – we design the shopping experience according to your needs.
  • Ease of Use – Easy administration for website administrators. It is easy to edit content and add new products and text.
  • Promotions – our system allows you to create codes or coupons for discount promotions.
  • Free shipping – “free freight” codes as well as shipping promotions.
  • Shipping – customization of shipments by geographic area or zip codes.
  • Payments – Payment gateways such as bank deposit, paypal, among others.
  • Order history – The customer has a history of his purchases.
  • Reports – Sales reports by day, month, best selling products, among others.
  • Inventory Management
  • Tax Management
  • SSL Certificate
  • Support and training
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Interested in receiving online payments?

We offer you the Paypal system to receive credit card payments online for the sale of products and services. Paypal is very secure, easy to install on your site and is inexpensive. Additionally you can offer other payment methods such as deposit or transfer, pick up in store, payment at Oxxo, among others.

Credit Card Payment
Credit Card Payment





Mobile APP for sales monitoring

With our online commerce platform you also have an APP to monitor sales, order details and movements in real time as well as the most sold products, all from your smartphone.

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