SEO Strategies for great results on Google

What s SEO?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization” , in other words, the optimization of websites for search engine positioning, aka GOOGLE.

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What is a Search Engine? (Search engine optimization)

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It is an internet page that allows you to search for a word or series of words and produce a result. The search is inside the search engine that stores the information it collects.

How does Google work?

A search engine is essentially a very large database of Internet sites, documents, images, and any digital source of files.

How does the search engine obtain your information?

Popular search engines receive requests from registrant sites that want to appear on that search engine. Small search engines usually emulate the most robust search engine data.

When giving the instruction to the search engine, it uses software called robot spiders (spider bots, bots or spiders) that automatically “comb” the sites and catalog the information of the site according to complex and advanced algorithms.


How to appear on Google

Google is without a doubt the most famous and powerful search engine on the Internet. It follows the guidelines of the most advanced processes of how to index the information in such a way that the end user can quickly find the information they request.

Appearing in Google as well as other search engines requires planning a site correctly, optimizing it and registering it with search engines. This process is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we offer it as part of the design of a new site for our clients or as an additional service to clients with existing sites.

Our experience has dictated some rules and parameters to follow to be successful in positioning our clients’ sites before Google, Yahoo, Altavista, among others.

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What is Organic Positioning in Google?

It is the term that Google uses to define search engine positioning naturally based on content and not based on paid ads or sponsored links.

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Paid or sponsored ads in Google (Google Ads)

We are part of the Google Adwords Webexpert program to create Google sponsored link campaigns. We set a daily budget, create the campaigns and ads, and start seeing visits to our website