What is a Domain Name?

It’s your name on the internet! It is the name that describes your site and is unique for which you must acquire your domain to protect your brand and your company. Being the holder of a domain no one else can use it.

The domains are made up of 3 parts:

www – is the www web protocol (world wide web)

name – whatever you want, the name of your product or your company

organization – is the ending com – net – org – com.mx

Domain Purchase Procedure

1) Search domain availability here

2) If the domain is available you must make your deposit or payment via paypal. You must also register with your data, name, email, full address and telephone number to register your data as the owner of the domain.

3) Once your deposit is made, confirm it here and we will quickly have your domain in your name and available to use on the Internet.

Already with your domain you require hosting for your company and the design of your website. We can help you in both.

If you want to pay for your domain, contact us to assist you.

Purchase of .com.mx and .mx Domains

dominios mx mexico

We are registrars accredited by NIC México, the authority on Mexican domains.

Some of the benefits of registering a .MX domain are:

You protect your personal or company name and get an easy-to-remember identifier to use on the Internet.
Your name or that of your company on the Internet will be directly related to Mexico.
You can use it to have a presence on the Internet and promote yourself or your company worldwide, since having a page on the Internet, your page can be accessed from anywhere in the world.