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What is a mobile website

It is a website that looks good on smart mobile phones or smartphones.

With the growing use of smart cell phones or smartphones, in addition to tablets like ipad, all known as mobile devices, the rules of Internet browsing have changed.

Now an important market of users who surf the Internet on these devices. Even old traditional sites do not look good on certain smartphones, and the use of technologies such as Flash does not work on ipad, so it is recommended to develop a mobile website.

With the programming of the site, the resolution of the device can be detected and, if necessary, present the website designed for mobile phones, instead of the traditional website of our company. In this way, if the user comes from conventional computer equipment, the traditional website is represented.


Why have a mobile wesbite?

Since space is very limited in some mobiles, it is convenient to propose an exclusive design for mobiles to optimize the information that we present to the navigator.

Just because the traditional html site looks on a mobile does not mean that it really is a mobile website. The design of mobile websites includes detecting the needs of the navigator and prioritizing the content that must be offered in such a limited space.

On the one hand, a mobile website must be very fast, easy to use and allow location decisions such as addresses, branches, or some “call to action”.

The profile of a mobile website is very practical and dynamic, just like its users, people who use their smartphone at any time to make inquiries about prices, offers or information.

The use of technologies such as GPS allows the user to be guided to a branch using google maps, or to fill out forms or an order.

78% of smartphone users in the United States use it in stores.

Google even has a robot for content search and indexing of mobile websites (Googlebot-Mobile).

Googlebot crawls the type of web pages intended for desktop browsers and the content embedded in them, and it also crawls mobile content.

If your website is not mobile, this is the best time to start.

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