How to audit your brand

como auditar tu marca

Will you be achieving the scope you are looking for? Will consumers already be recognizing your brand easier? How big is your group of loyal buyers? Is your brand the best option on the market?

If you already have some time with your business, surely you have asked yourself some of the previous questions and it is very normal and also necessary to know.

How can you measure your efforts in building your brand?

Before, it was more difficult to measure it because there were only traditional media that offered you a limited scope or, & nbsp; approximate in views. With all the digital platforms that are online, know how your brand is doing & nbsp; today is easier.

In reality, a brand has to be promoted and audited beyond the graphics that the platforms throw, because more than measuring a brand, they measure your efforts in campaigns and publications. At this moment what we want to know is the value of your brand in general in the market. Remember that brands are perceptions of your customers and you work with your brand to create recognition in front of your audience.

How to boost your brand?

1. Change your scarcity mentality

It sounds very simple, or you think it doesn’t apply to you, but we can always improve and change our mindset or perspective.

Many businesses are dwarfed because they are afraid to invest more money, they already have a very acceptable cash flow and the clients they have are few, but very comfortable. Did you identify with this?

Many never become big recognized brands because they do not invest in generating more brand recognition, in improving their processes, in hiring better-trained leaders and human capital.

The scarcity mentality may be the limit to your business has right now.

We recommend that you read new books, watch your social networks and follow the people who are most related to the style and goals you want to achieve, listen to podcasts, etc

The second step we recommend you take to see things from another point of view is to invest in coaching. It is always good to have a kind of counselor, guide, or mentor. Not only in the financial field, if you do not have lawyers, accountants, or any other profession in which your niche is found, listening to professionals saves you from making bad decisions and with that, saving a lot of money from mistakes.

Change begins with exposing yourself to new things.

2.- Appear in the media, in the eyes of your customers

It’s very basic, if they don’t see you they won’t buy you

There are still many businesses that do not have a website or profile on social networks and they keep wondering why their sales fell.

Is the exposure your brand currently has enough?

Only you have the answer … do you think the sales you’re having enough?

If you are comfortable then you have reached a very acceptable point, if you want more it is necessary to invest more.

Today you compete for your customer’s attention. Make yourself seen in digital media and in the channels where your ideal client spends more time.

Bet on brand positioning by exposing yourself on social networks constantly.

3.- Make a Funnel

It is not enough to appear, how does a person make the purchase decision?

A funnel helps you to recognize which person is most likely to close the purchase. You have to measure all your customers and go through here. From the moment they arrive just knowing your brand and your products to achieving loyalty.

Remember that the prospect has to go from being an interested party to a client, for that there is a sales funnel where his interest grows and he qualifies himself as a client.

4.- Your brand is visual (image)

Never underestimate the power of an image or a photograph.
A professional branding must give your brand seriousness and notoriety.
Do you reflect the value you offer?

Answer the following questions:

The internal audit of your brand

Is your mission aligned with your business?

Do you have the mission in writing? Many business owners know her very well … but her employees don’t. It is written, it is standardized, it is hung in many places so that all your equipment is tuned to the same channel.
Are you getting closer to your vision?
The important thing about visions is that they have a date, if you have been with it for more than 10 years it is time to renew it.

Who are you selling to?

You need to develop a profile of the ideal client. If you already have experience in the market, you know the different profiles that buy from you and which ones are the best for you.
Did you know that 20% of your clients pay 80% of your income? It’s called Pareto’s law and it applies to many things, not just your salary.
Focus on getting more clients of that 20% so that you increase your income and free up time.

What is your offer?

Surely you know that you sell, but how can you sell it more and better, besides, is it the best option on the market?
Part of the point that we discussed above about changing the mentality and it is directly reflected here, since, if you do not invest in improving the quality of your products or services, it will be difficult for your brand to take off, you still have time to change.

The external audit of your brand

Now yes, this is what everyone sees and says is branding, but you already noticed that there is a background.

Does your logo go with your business? Apply a redesign if necessary, we understand that you started your brand a few years ago with what you had on hand, but now that you have more experience it is good that your image also shows.

Is your image the same on all exhibition platforms? For social networks we recommend designing templates and a calendar, as well as having quality photographs and designs.

In conclusion:
Your brand grows day by day and it must reflect it. Not having a professional image is often what causes businesses to stagnate.

Look at other profiles of the brands you aspire to reach and see how they do it. Get inspired and create content.
Review your business plan and assess whether your brand aligns with the values ??and objectives of the business.
Take action building your brand on digital channels with a media plan.

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